BSIT-200 Week 10 Post - Why I love iOS and hate Android.

My preference for a mobile device operating system is Apple's iOS, which strikes a lot of people as odd, since I am a Linux Systems Administrator. Most Linux Admins prefer Android, since it is similiar to Linux, and can be tinkered with. I've heard some people actually refer to Android as a Linux Distribution!

However, my reason for liking iOS is simple. After a long day of supporting Linux servers and end-users, and dealing with other people's IT problems, the last thing I want to do is come home to IT problems. I have plenty to do at work. Bringing IT stress home is counter-productive.

I have an iPhone and an iPad, and I've never had a problem with any of these devices. The way they are designed allows me to perform the tasks that I want to perform without any issues, and without me having to fix, side-load, tweak, configure, or otherwise mess with, iOS in any way. I use Apple's Apps, and they just work. If I want to self-induce an IT headache, I have a Windows 11 Laptop for that. If I want to see a computer that just works,  I have a Linux PC and Linux servers for that. I'd rather leave all the IT stress at work where it belongs.

I tried Android once a few years ago and I did not like it. It made me work, by having to spend time configuring things and making them work. Also, the applications just didn't look as good as their iOS counterparts, nor did they seem as intuitive to use. I was using a Samsung Galaxy S10 (when it was new) and as an end-user, I just wasn't impressed. Someone suggested that I wanted to look into side-loading some apps and hacking something. 

No. Just, no.