Scripting: Is today the last day of the month?

Here's an easy way to check. Very useful when scripting an action (like a backup for example) that needs to happen on the last day of the month.
[ `date --date='next day' +'%B'` == `date +'%B'` ] || echo 'end of month' && echo 'not end of month'

Does MCSA equate to MCITP: Server Administrator and does MCSE equate to MCITP: Enterprise Administrator?

No, not exactly. The MCITP on Windows Server 2008 certification requires a new skill set—in some cases, a more robust one—that differs from the skill set needed for MCSA and MCSE certifications.
  • MCITP: Server Administrator certification covers more operations-related job skills than the MCSA certification.
  • MCITP: Enterprise Administrator maps to an actual job role profile, whereas the MCSE certification does not. The latter combines technology and job skills.

How do I get RHN Satellite Server on RHEL6.2 to authenticate to MS Active Directory on a host with Centrify installed?

My Server has:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.2
Red Hat Network Satellite Server 5.4.1
CentrifyDC 5.0.1-177

1. Edit the rhn.conf file:

echo "pam_auth_service = password-auth" >> /etc/rhn/rhn.conf

2. Restart the Satellite Server:   

/usr/sbin/rhn-satellite restart

3. Login to your RHN Satellite web gui

4. Create a new user, as in the following example:
Go to "Users" tab -> "Create New User" -> 

Desired Login*:  centrifyuserid
Desired Password *:  Keep Blank 
Confirm Password *:  Keep Blank
Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM):  Enable Checkbox 

Pass Firstname , Lastname & email -> click on "Create Login" 
Your user should now be able to login with their AD credentials.
You will still need to specify what permissions they have in 
RHN Satellite.