BSIT-220 Week 9 Post

Presenting my favorite Internet Service Provider of All-Time: 

Fastwyre Broadband


Plans start at $44.99/month for 100Mbps access, with their most popular plan being the 1Gbps service priced at $69.99/month. A new 2Gbps service is now available for $99.99/month. There are no data caps, and no contracts. Connections to homes are via fiber optic cable, and require a media converter (fiber to Ethernet) and a cable modem/router.Their fiber optic cables are buried, which protects them from the elements. We shall see how well they survive the ground freezing this winter. I should not be too worried since they are also a internet service provider in Alaska, so they should know something about bad weather.

Pros: Fast reliable access, available in Bellevue and parts of Papillion.Can be combined with a telephone service.Cables are buried, which protects them from the elements.

Cons:  Outages are possible due to cable damage. However, they have no where near as many reported outages (in my area) as Cox Communications.

I've had their service for a few months now after giving up on Cox Communications. I work from home, so having a reliable internet connection with good uptime is very important to me. My livelihood and income depend on it! I highly recommend this provider!