BSIT200 - Week 12 Posting - Passwords...

 About 21 years ago, Mr. Bill Burr wrote information security guidelines for the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and is responsible for the most obnoxious advice ever given about passwords. It's the one about how your password must be 15 characters long, include uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, hieroglyphics, and a blood sample, and must be changed every 60 days. 

He has since apologized for writing a standard for passwords that no one can remember, and that causes people to write down their passwords, which defeats the purpose of complicated passwords in the first place. 

There's an excellent article about it here:

 This is the last blog posting for this class I'm taking (BSIT200), but no worries. I'm sure the next class I take will require blogging as well.