BSIT380 - Week 12 Post - Happy Trails to You, until we meet again.

BSIT 380 - System Hardening and Network Risk Management

As my current class ends, I'd like to thank whoever took the time to read all of my blog posts that, although required for the class, were still enjoyable to research and write. The name of the class is "System Hardening and Network Risk Management", which explains all of the cybersecurity and server references throughout the blog posts. I chose to write on a variety of topics, mostly revolving around the class topics for that particular week. Internet searches with and provided most of the source material for my posts. It also helped that I have been working in the Information Technology field for the past 40 years. I hope this Blog's content was helpful to any information security professional who happens to stumble across it in my little corner of the internet. And here is a free "lesson learned" that I figured out while doing this: use to write your blog posts. Let it teach you correct spelling and grammar. First impressions count.