Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification on RHEL8

In the dynamic field of system administration, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL8) certifications stand out as a benchmark for IT professionals. A key certification in this domain is the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA). Obtaining the RHCSA credential signifies an individual's ability to perform core system administration tasks in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments. This certification is awarded after successfully passing the RHCSA Exam (EX200)​

The RHCSA exam, a performance-based evaluation, focuses on real-world tasks and scenarios pertinent to system administration across various environments and deployment scenarios. This exam, tailored to Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8.2, is hands-on and practical, testing knowledge in areas common to a wide range of environments​

​​To be eligible for the RHCSA certification, individuals often have backgrounds as experienced Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrators, students who have completed specific Red Hat System Administration courses, or IT professionals on the path to becoming a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE). This certification is also valuable for DevOps professionals wanting to showcase their expertise in container technology and for those required to obtain the certification by their organization or due to mandates like the DOD 8570 directive​

The skills an RHCSA is expected to demonstrate are diverse and foundational for system administration. These include managing files, directories, and command-line environments; creating simple shell scripts; operating and controlling services on running systems; configuring local storage and file systems; deploying, configuring, and maintaining systems; managing users and groups; and handling basic security and container management​

For preparation, Red Hat recommends specific courses based on the individual's background. For Windows system administrators or those with minimal Red Hat Enterprise Linux experience, courses like Red Hat System Administration I and II are suggested. For Linux or UNIX administrators, the RHCSA Rapid Track course with an exam is recommended. Additionally, there's a course on Running Containers with Red Hat Technical Overview for those interested in container management​

In summary, the RHCSA certification for RHEL8 is a comprehensive and practical assessment of a system administrator's skills in managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments. It's a valuable credential for professionals seeking to validate and enhance their system administration capabilities in the modern data center.

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