Ok! Well, that was interesting. So here we are again. Let's just talk about Dungeons & Dragons. And Linux. D&D and Linux. And whatever else pops into my head. Just fun things.

Maybe an ongoing Solo-D&D Adventure? Or just notes and opinions about D&D related things? Or what my friends and I are currently doing with D&D?

Maybe how to do things in Linux? I know there are thousands of YouTube pages and websites dedicated to showing you how to do things in Linux, but most of them seem to make a lot of assumptions about your current level of understanding. The websites tend to be "Hi Linux People! Look what I can do!", instead of "Hi people! Want to learn something new?" I'll have to narrow down the audience to something a little more specific, so I'll ask around and see what people want. We'll see what I can come up with.

 I've also been told that there seems to be an interest in first-hand accounts of things that happened over 30 years ago. Might be a fun thing to do. For example, I used to work with a computer that had an 8" floppy drive. So maybe you want to know what the heck a floppy was, why it was 8 inches, and what drove it? I could explain that. 

I'll see what I can do.