How to create an SSH tunnel for vncviewer

What I'm doing is using a vncviewer to connect to a vncserver, via an intermediary host (such as a firewall), using a SSH Tunnel between HostA and HostC, to encrypt communications.

I have the same unprivileged userid on all three hosts. Also, I used ssh keys for authentication, just to speed things up. Otherwise, you can specify username@host and enter the password when asked.

$ ssh -N -T -X -f -L --sleep +30m
$ vncviewer localhost:5905 &

Change the “+30m” to however long you want the ssh tunnel to stay open. You can also use “+8h” or “+1d”.

+----------+     +----------------+     +-------------+
| Host A   |     |                |     | Host C      |
|          |---->| Host B         |---->| destination |
| vncviewer|     | "intermediary" |     | vncserver   |
+----------+     +----------------+     +-------------+