Why is this here?

Here's the story. We are getting ready to leave Phoenix, after living here for 10 years. Goodbye 120 degree weather, dust storms and all the other things that make Phoenix such an awesome place to hang out. When we leave here, we'll be driving cross country with 2 dogs and a cat. So we thought it would be interesting for family and friends to have this blog so they can see "how we are doing".

So the plan is to end up somewhere outside the Washington DC Metro Area. Why there you ask? Simple. My new job is there. Hopefully. What I mean is that I have been offered a new job there, but I'm still waiting on the paperwork, which the recruiters reassure me is forthcoming. My new employer wants me to start working on 1 Sept 2008, so I hope the paperwork shows up soon. In the mean time, we have been preparing for the move.

Therefore, wish us luck and watch this space for more news!

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