BSIT380 - Week 7 Post - An article about flow analysis for cybersecurity...

The insightful blog entry "Flow Analytics for Cyber Situational Awareness" by Sid Faber, hosted on Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute's Insights blog, focuses on the critical role of network flow analytics in enhancing cybersecurity. Faber delves into how network flow analysis is a foundational tool for organizations to achieve cyber situational awareness, especially during high-stress times like the holiday season when data centers face surges in online activity. The ability to distinguish between a legitimate increase in business traffic and potential cyber threats like denial-of-service attacks hinges on understanding the intricate patterns of network flow. This understanding is vital for organizations to respond effectively to immediate challenges and predict and prepare for future cyber events.

Faber's article emphasizes the importance of a three-step model in achieving situation awareness in cybersecurity:

  • Perception or sensing of the environment
  • Comprehension of the sensed information
  • Projection of future states of the environment

This model, rooted in the work of Dr. Mica Endsley, is particularly relevant in the cyber domain, where understanding the flow of network traffic is crucial. Organizations can gain valuable insights into how their networks are utilized by analyzing network flow data, enabling them to detect anomalies and potential security threats. The article underscores the need for effective analytics presentation to decision-makers, ensuring that complex data is translated into actionable intelligence. This approach is about detecting threats and shaping a proactive cybersecurity strategy that aligns with the dynamic nature of the digital world. To read the full article, visit Sid Faber's blog post.


Faber, S. (2015, December 7). Flow analytics for cyber situational awareness. SEI Blog.