The Adventurer’s Guide to the Bible for D&D5e


The Adventurer’s Guide to the Bible converts locations, characters, and monsters from the Bible into material playable with D&D fifth edition. As I read through the 350 pages, I was struck that the material was sufficiently true to the source material while also being a heck of a lot of fun. It isn’t merely a list of people and places as they appear chronologically in the Bible. Instead, Red Panda has created a unique adventure experience that brings roleplaying loosely into the narrative of the Bible.

The book details the basic historical setting evocatively in order to create an immersive campaign setting, as well as an adventure that takes characters through levels 1 – 10. Importantly, the campaign runs parallel to the events of the Bible, so players will encounter familiar people and places from Bible stories, but the adventure, while “on rails” still offers flexibility enough to tell an interesting story around the table.

And if you think inspiration from the Bible isn’t already in your D&D game then you don’t know your history. The Bible has leviathans, giants, oracles, serpents, and sorcerers! It’s the OG D&D. In fact, half of Gygax’s inspiration was the Bible and the other half was Tolkien, who took his inspiration from the Bible.

The spell summon monster and cleric class was created by Gary Gygax using direct inspiration from 2 Kings 2: 23-24. The spell gentle repose is taken from an ancient Catholic ritual. King Solomon was a demon wrangler. And I’m honestlyly going stop there because, as I think about it, I could be here all day with examples and I haven’t even touched on Tolkien and his influences.


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